Citizenship for Minors

Citizenship for minors in Portugal born from a Sephardic Jew parent that has already obtained the citizenship


The Citizenship for minors is the procedure many recent portuguese citizens seek to complete their family passports. After adults get the citizenship usually the Minors kids are also elegible. They’re allowed to apply for citizenship according to the law for Sephardi Jews and Portuguese Nationality Law, which allows to receive the citizenship in a relatively straightforward procedure.

Anyhow the process of filing a Portuguese citizenship application for a citizenship to a minor can be made only after the parent has received citizenship – so for your minors to be eligible one of the parents needs to have a Portuguese birth certificate in hand.

Situation 1
Citizenship for Minors born after one parent has acquired the citizenship

These minors can apply as Portuguese citizens in a straightforward manner;

Situation 2
Citizenship for Minors born before their parents

The minors may also acquire Portuguese nationality provided that they prove evidence of a connection to the Portuguese community;

Get in touch with us to understand more on how you can apply for the citizenship for the minors based on the Sephardi Citizenship.